HeartMath Resiliency Advantage training in Silver Spring, Maryland.
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In 2009 I accidentally attended my first HeartMath class, and ever since then I've been practicing ways to lower my stress, increase my resilience, and live more fully.

What HeartMath continues to teach me is that I have the tools needed to choose the emotions I want experience versus the other way around. And when I commit to using these skills, life gets easier. 

Whoever heard of deciding how you want to feel? As it turns out, research shows that the emotions you carry matter greatly to your health, your ability to focus and perform, and how available you are to creativity — to catching inspiration as it flies by.

You really do have a choice.

You can read more about my journey to the heart in my HeartMath provider profile:   HeartMath's Professional Directory

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Resilience Advantage, available in workshops and one-on-one coaching.

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